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Consorzio Il Nodo



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Refugees and Asylum Seekers

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Project Overview

Accademia SIPROIMI is an experimental method of interactive distance teaching conceived by “Il Nodo” Consortium in the Municipalities of Catania and Acireale to face the impossibility of an experiential teaching in presence due to the Covid19 emergency. The form is that of an interactive tutorial that respects everyone’s concentration tolerance and also language skills. The general objective is to create continuity of learning even at a distance, thanks to the help of expert technicians who transmit practical information via webcam. 

Main Activities

Accademia SIPROIMI was created to ensure continuity in learning and to learn by staying together even at a distance. It was necessary to find a solution that was not a passive tutorial, but something capable of respecting everyone’s tolerance of concentration and also language skills. For this reason it took the form of interactive tutorials, in which expert technicians transmitted practical information via webcam in small classes of 10/15 people. The learning transmitted concerned specific sectors of the world of work, such as catering, maintenance and agriculture. 

To learn various concepts together, typical situations were created by technicians in neutral spaces of the Consortium, such as damage to the electrical panel, or an emergency in the garden. Through the webcam, the technicians interacted with the beneficiaries who learned theoretical information but above all practical advice to arrive at the solution together, so as to settle the critical situation together.

More Information

How was the Project born?

Accademia SIPROIMI was a new experience, created to respond to the specific need not to interrupt the experiential laboratories of the Il Nodo Consortium due to the Covid emergency. 

Elements that facilitated the implementation

The system of protection for holders of international protection and for unaccompanied foreign minors provided by the Italian Ministro degli Interni

Challenges in the implementation

1. Digital divide (technical problems for remote connections)

Thanks to the help of the expert technicians who work at the Consortium

2. Promote the participation of the inhabitants of the neighborhood in social and democratic life.

3. Keep the attention and motivation of the beneficiaries high

Thanks to the interactive form of the tutorials.

Impact on refugees or local community lives?

The project made it possible not to interrupt the learning classes formed before the pandemic in order to maintain high levels of preparation and motivation to work. Is also allowed to have contacts with technicians outside the consortium communities.

Is this project/program replicable and/or scalable?

This initiative can be an easily replicable practice in various contexts to cope with emergency situations that make close contacts complicated.