Good Practices / Begripligt hela vägen

Begripligt hela vägen


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Strömsunds kommun



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Project Overview

The project aims to make the migration process more understandable for children, to make it cohesive for them and to improve the resettlement. The children get to feel at home in their new context without losing contact with their origin. 


The project resulted in two method books.

The books are aimed at children, young people and parents. 

Main Activities

A team meets the children at the airport and follows them for the first two years. This follow-up includes welcome calls, school enrolment, knowledge mapping, activities, and individual support etc. In some cases, the team has the benefit of meeting the children before they travel to Sweden. The activities also address the child’s family and include group information activities with parents on how to be a good parent in Sweden.

More Information

How was the Project born?

When the municipality of Strömsund, in the northern part of Sweden, resettled a large number of quota refugees, it became clear that the children weren’t a natural part of the integration process. The process of leaving a home and restart in a total new context wasn’t understandable for the children. 

Impact on refugees or local community lives?

The children and their parents gained a better understanding of the processes; it became evident that they were better able to cope with the challenges and that they had more knowledge about their new context. 

The project gives conditions for the children to understand and adapt to everything that happens around them.