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and prevention of discrimination

Organization that is implementing

ComParte – Fundação Maria Rosa



Level of


Target Group

Refugees and Asylum Seekers



Project Overview

ComParte is a national initiative of the Maria Rosa Foundation, which aims to

create contexts where refugees and asylum seekers can participate in decision-making processes that affect them, contributing to the design of services and public policies.

Since 2016, ComParte (in the area of ​​Integration) has already involved 539 refugees/asylum seekers, 86 decision-makers and 568 professionals.

Main Activities

  • Participatory diagnosis: Consultation sessions with refugees/asylum seekers to understand, according to their experience as users of the integration system in Portugal, what is going well and should be maintained and what is not going well and should be transformed; collection of recommendations for the system.
  • Moments of collaboration and co-construction: Workshops, mediated by ComParte, in which refugees, decision-makers and professionals work together to co-design solutions (measures, plans, programs) for the integration system.
  • Meetings between refugees/asylum seekers and decision-makers and professionals: Meetings, mediated by ComParte, in which refugees themselves share their experiences and recommendations directly with decision-makers and professionals

More Information

How was the Project born?

ComParte already worked in the area of Education and Youth, focusing on Civic Participation. When the number of refugees arriving in Portugal increased drastically due to the Syrian War, ComParte talked to some refugees living in Portugal and understood that opening a new area would be very relevant and needed to improve the integration of refugees in Portugal.  

Impact on refugees or local community lives?

More effective integration system: Contribute with their experiences and

Recommendations for the integration system in Portugal. The system becomes

more effectively, leading refugees (the same or others who arrive) to be better integrated.


valorization as specialists: They are valued as specialists in experience as beneficiaries of the Integration system, understanding that their role in society goes beyond the enjoyment of support. They are consultants who

transform their new country.


Feeling of belonging: Since they do not have the right to vote, in this way they contribute to the functioning of society, exercising their rights and duties to participate – like any citizen. In this way, they increase their sense of belonging.


Possibility of reciprocity: By participating, they feel that they are repaying the support received to Portuguese society. They feel more legitimate and part

not only of the society that welcomed them, but as a legitimate citizen.

Is this project/program replicable and/or scalable?

The ComParte methodology has the potential to be replicated in other territories. It is currently being tested in 8 territories outside Portuguese territory, under the EMBRACE project (funded by AMIF), namely France (Est Ensemble), Italy (Milan, Prato and Palermo), Belgium (Mechelen), Slovenia (Maribor, Ljubljana), Greece (Ioannina).