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Project Overview

Gnistan is a fund where people can apply for money for their ideas, easily, without bureaucracy. The fund supports ideas that are about getting people with different background to meet. People or associations that want to organize activities that promote integration and social cohesion can apply for a maximum of 15000 kr (Swedish krona). 

The fund is also funded by private donations ad different kind of sponsors such as companies, music artists, etc. 


Main Activities

The main activity is to fund different initiatives that promote integration and social cohesion in the society. Both private persons and associations can apply and get money within few days. 

More Information

How was the Project born?

The idea of creating a fund started in 2014 after the initiator had visited a center for asylum seekers and realized how lonely asylum seekers were. He started a choir in the center and mobilized Swedish people to join him and sing with asylum seekers a couple of hours per week in the center. And late he started the fund to encourage refugees and Swedish to meet in different platforms.

Challenges in the implementation

1. It was difficult to find sponsors in the beginning.

The collaboration with some Swedish stars opened many doors and gave the initiators a bigger platform that helped the fund to get more and more sponsors from the private sector.  

Impact on refugees or local community lives?

The initiative has helped many refugees leave the exclusion and be a part of different communities. Their inclusion in different activities have strengthen their mental health and helped them to feel at home in their neighborhoods.