Good Practices / Kompetensverkstaden


Provision of information
and prevention of discrimination

Organization that is implementing

Kommunförbundet i Kalmar län



Level of


Target Group

Refugees and Asylum Seekers


Project Overview

Capacity building in collaboration between public sector and NGO’s, linked to intercultural differences through dialogue.  

The project resulted in a platform – a webpage with information and a guide for training in intercultural differences. An educational portal, open to use for free, with aim to facilitate meetings with the target group to create important dialogue. The platform contains several modules, where you can choose to use one or another. 


Main Activities

The main activities in this project are to train professionals in intercultural meetings and to spread the platform where guide blocks and important practical exercises are linked to intercultural differences.

More Information

How was the Project born?

It was clear that many of the people working with the target group during “the refugee crisis” in 2014-2015 didn’t have enough competence or experience of cultural differences. There was a great need to train professionals in this matter. This project turned the perspective to focus on the professionals working with the target group instead of focusing on the target group. 

Challenges in the implementation

Difficulties to spread the platform

Using network and different context where professionals working in the integration field meet. 

Impact on refugees or local community lives?

The initiative has led to:  Less misunderstandings between professionals and refugees; More cultural competence in workplaces where different nationalities meet; Less racism and xenophobia