Good Practices / NAD, nätverk, aktivitet, delaktighet

NAD, nätverk, aktivitet, delaktighet

Free Time and Network

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Project Overview

It is a partnership between the Swedish Employment agency, municipalities from the region of Skåne and different NGO´s. The partnership aims to help the target group to find social contacts, freetime activities and to improve their health. Most of the activities are coordinated through the partnership and make easy for refugees to get the help they need without being obliged to take contact with different actors. 

Main Activities

All refugees are included in a 2 years establishment program arranged by the employment agency. The program contains cultural orientation class, language class and internship. The main activity in the project is to add freetime activities to the establishment plan. It requires a close collaboration between the employment agency, municipalities and NGO´s.

More Information

How was the Project born?

It´s clear that a freetime activity promote health, language skills and social networking. The target group doesn´t participate in different activities at the same extend as the rest of the population. It is in this context that different partners found it necessary to collaborate in order to facilitate the inclusion of the target group in the society. 

Challenges in the implementation

1. Difficulties to find the same collaboration strategy.

The partners try to have regular meetings and try to understand each other´s situation. 

Impact on refugees or local community lives?

The key factor for this project is the cooperation between the employment agency, NGO’s and the municipality.  

The project has improved life conditions of the targets group in matters of health, language skills and social networking.