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Associação de Apoio à Inclusão de Imigrantes e Refugiados



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Project Overview

LAR is a second-line response to integrate people who have completed the 18 or 24 month reception programs. The project seeks to select rural families of refugees and/or people who have a taste for migrants, integrating them into villages in the interior, which are at risk of dispossession. LAR provides sheltered families with a home and all family members in their professional, educational, and sociocultural integration.

Main Activities

We provide a phased reception, primarily focused on sociocultural integration in the local environment, close to the community and the countryside. To this end, we created numerous activities and projects to facilitate this approximation, such as activities related to interculturality and intergenerationality.


We are also concerned about the “oldest” residents of Ima. We want to provide psychosocial support to local communities and encourage active life in old age.


At Ima, we are creating an agricultural project that provides one member of each family with an immediate job placement, in order to plant the seed of their future in the land of the host country.

This is an environmental regeneration project that includes a part of the production of vegetables and other differentiated products, such as saffron, goji and currants. These will be produced in an integrated production mode and sold in local markets and large-scale retail outlets. The project foresees, in addition to agricultural production, an area for reforestation of native trees in the region and other fruit trees. Throughout the development of the project, we intend to involve the community and, thus, promote environmental education activities.


At the same time that this agricultural project is being carried out, LAR will accompany the entry into the labor market of other family members, supporting them throughout the process of labor insertion.