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Skellefteå, Kultur och fritidskontoret inkludering



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Project Overview

The municipality of Skellefteå organize freetime activities for new settled refugees in Skellefteå.


It is activities for men, women, children and retired people. The activities are based on the local conditions. Thanks to the good winter, many of the activities is connected to snow. One of the key factors is to educate bridge builders and let them become a leader of the activities.  

Main Activities

Educate bridge builders from the target group to coach and instruct the target group in different activities, e.g. Swimming classes, class to learn to ride a bike – in the beginning indoor, classes for snowboard, rock climbing etc.; Activities for children during the summer holiday. 

More Information

How was the Project born?

The initiative was born to develop the integration in the municipality of Skellefteå. When realizing that the target group didn’t have the same conditions as others, the municipality of Skellefteå hired a group of people to develop a model to increase the participating in different activities. The aim is to give the target group the same skills as others, so they can attend to mixed classes after participating in the certain integration activities. 

Challenges in the implementation

1. Logistics

Arrange activities with possibility for many to participate in. Choose activities in the neighbourhood where many in the target group live. Use the local conditions. 

2. Parents doesn’t want their children to participate in activities

The bridgebuilders get in contact with parents for a discussion.

3. To reach women and girls

The bridgebuilders work in schools, visit classes, work with the network 

Impact on refugees or local community lives?

Swimming is a basic skill for safety. Other activities promote contact, self-confidence, and networking. Language skills.