Project Activities

To gather insights from both refugees and asylum seekers, as well as from professionals working with these populations, the partner organizations carried out qualitative and quantitative research in the form of questionnaires and focus groups


The questionnaires for the project were developed from March 2020 to May 2021. There was one questionnaire for each target group: beneficiaries (i.e., refugees and asylum seekers) and technicians. The questionnaires were initially constructed in English and subsequently translated into Portuguese, Bulgarian, Swedish, Italian, Arabic, and French. The dissemination of the questionnaires began in May 2021 and they were closed at the beginning of November of the same year.

The questionnaires for the beneficiaries revealed information about their sociodemographic background (e.g., age, gender, nationality, etc.) and about their current situation in their host country. The participants were also asked about potential participation in an integration program and gave insights about issues regarding housing, health, education, work, and discrimination. The final questions of the questionnaire targeted the topic of free time activities in the host country.

The questionnaires for the technicians also included questions about sociodemographic variables, followed by questions targeting information about the organizations that the professionals worked for. Furthermore, the questionnaires inquired about positive experiences and difficulties regarding the work with refugees and asylum seekers. In addition, there were questions about the fields of work, housing, language, education, social inclusion, and peer work. In the end, technicians were asked about possible collaborations between organizations and local authorities as well as about the issue of discrimination in their country.

Focus Groups

From July to September 2021, taking into account restrictions due to the Covid-19 situation, focus groups were carried out by the different partner organizations. Three kinds of focus groups were conducted: only beneficiaries, only technicians, and mixed groups. The focus groups were held in the respective partner country’s languages. All focus groups answered questions belonging to the categories: general questions, free time and network, employment, education, housing, and discrimination.

The technician’s focus groups discussed key factors and challenges regarding the work with refugees and asylum seekers and the integration process. The groups then proceeded to talk about how free time activities supported the integration into the host society, how refugees and asylum seekers could find a work placement, and how their qualifications could be recognized in the host country. Other topics were challenges regarding housing and how to combat discrimination.

The beneficiaries started their discussion by talking about their expectations and the challenges they are facing in the host country, as well as the support they received in the inclusion process. They then discussed what role free time activities played in their integration and issues regarding finding a job. Other questions targeted the refugee’s and asylum seekers’ experience with the educational system and housing in the host country. Finally, the groups gave suggestions to improve the integration process and talked about whether they felt welcome in their host society.


  • Stage 1: Construction of research material

  • Stage 2: Data collection and analysis

  • Stage 3: Training Kit construction

  • Stage 4: Conference

  • Stage 5: National Training courses

Project Timeline

  • 2019

    • Start of the project
    • Kick-off meeting (December)
  • 2020

    • Internal meetings to construct research material (preparation of questionnaires and focus groups)
    • 1st partner meeting (November)
  • 2021

    • Dissemination of questionnaires
    • Conduction of focus groups
    • 2nd and 3rd partner meeting (July and November)
    • Data analysis
  • 2022

    • National forums
    • Construction and dissemination of toolkit