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Yalla Trappan


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Yalla Trappan



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Local and National

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Refugees and Asylum Seekers

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Project Overview

Yalla Trappan is a work integration social enterprise and women’s cooperative that is run by a non-profit association in Rosengård in Malmö. The aim of Yalla Trappan is to create jobs and increase financial independence for immigrant women who are far from the labour market. Today Yalla Trappan employs 50 people and takes trainees on for work introduction in three areas of operation: Café and Catering Services; Sewing Studio; Cleaning and Conference Services.

Main Activities

Yalla Trappan creates job opportunities by selling services to both individuals and businesses. They also work together with the public sector to increase the number of immigrant women who can enter the labor market. The social enterprise offers different services such sewing, cleaning, restaurant and catering. They collaborate with the textile department of IKEA, H&M and some other big companies.

More Information

How was the Project born?

The initiative started in 2009 to empower unemployed immigrant women from the Rosengård neighborhood in the city of Malmö. Most of them were housewives, low educated and had a language barrier that didn´t allow them to get job on the regular job market. More than 50 immigrant women have a job now and more than 120 women have done their internship in the organization. 

Challenges in the implementation

1. More women that need job than what the enterprise can offer.

They try to find more partnership with both private and public sector in order to create more jobs. 

2. Impact on refugees or local community lives

The women that work or have internship in the social enterprise feel that both their self confidence and self esteem have increased. They can earn their own money, pay their bills and take a bank loan. They feel that their mental health has increased a lot and are role models for other women in the neighborhood. 

Potential of the good practice to be replicable

The initiative has shown that social enterprises have a huge role to play when it comes to help people who have difficulties to get into the regular job market. Yalla Trappan has now opened offices in other neighborhoods in the city of Malmö. The concept has now spread to more than 45 municipalities.